Friday, December 29, 2000

I know what I can talk about!!! OK the other day I went to the movies with my cousin Marie and her aunt Kate, we saw teh movie, ALL THE PRETTY HORSES, it was sooooooo good! I loved it! And so did everyone in the theatre (how could they not, right?) Anywho... it was a beautiful movie, Marie and I decided right then adn there that we have to go find some cowboys for ourselves! HA HA HA!!! Remember that little guy from E.T. well he was in it! He played the main guy's (Matt Damon's) friend. well I think you all should go see it!
Ever since Christmas I have used my new psa player from Nike, it is this really cool device that lets you listen to music while you are doing whatever, it is totally sport ready and is one of my favorite gifts. Anyways if you are looking for a gift for someone that is like a sports enthusiast, (this thing can go anywhere! So it would fit any sort of athletes needs) Anyways it is totally cool and you can check them out at the nike site:nike : nike tech lab
Hello I am Lydia-Maria and I just got back from a run... I do not really know what to do with this site my Dad sort of signed me up. But Ii guess it is all right, you know... it is pretty cool.